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Expected timeline once the online enrollment process is submitted:

  1. An Enrollment Specialist will contact you as soon as possible.  This will be within 24 hours during the school week and often on the same day that your online enrollment is received.  You will be contacted on the day we return from weekends, holidays, and school breaks.
  2. The Enrollment Specialist will ask about the student's educational needs and other necessary information to assist in the enrollment process.
  3. Arrangements will be made during this contact to have all of the needed documents completed prior to a Academic Counselor meeting.
  4. An appointment will be made to meet with an Academic Counselor to review the student's individual educational plan.  The meeting will also cover other educational and school policies and procedures.  You will leave this meeting with an active account to begin your Clovis Online School educational journey.
  5. The student's assigned teacher will contact you within 24 hours of this meeting to welcome you and to arrange teacher-student-parent meetings for the school year.  This initial meeting can be done on the same day if the schedule of all allows.

Link to local map of Clovis Online School: