picture of students and teacher working in classroom

The Clovis Online School difference is in the relationships students cultivate with teachers, counselors, administrators and peers. From our attention to unique learning styles, individually-graded assignments, and on-site counseling services, to the one-on-one relationships with teachers, Clovis Online School combines all the benefits of a traditional school with the flexibility of online learning.

Our teachers and staff use get to know each students goals and needs and use this knowledge to enhance curriculum and instruction. Our students benefit from individual academic plans created by our counselors, parents, and students during orientation.  These plan help individualize each students experience at Clovis Online School.

Clovis Online School teachers possess California Teaching Credentials, have vast subject area expertise, and a passion for teaching. Our teachers are well-versed in communication skills and computer competency. At the core, all Clovis Online School teachers embody the understanding of teaching as a collaborative process, rather than just the delivery of instruction and assessment of student work.

Our on-site teachers regularly consult with each of their students, providing differentiated instruction tailored to maximize personalized online learning. They provide academic and emotional support that allows students to be successful while progressing at their own pace.  We understand that the goal of education is to encourage students to discover and develop their interests, talents and natural gifts.  This approach inspires our students to become active learners who think independently, communicate effectively and see themselves as members of a global community. Our teachers and our program give students the necessary skills to become self-directed adults who are confident about life directions and/or career paths.

We understand that school should be a partnership.  Teachers, parents and students all work closely together to make up the learning team.  Parents are given the tools to communicate with their child’s teachers, are encouraged to attend all meetings, and have real time access to their child’s progress in all courses.