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Preparing young adults for success in careers requires a different educational experience than it did even a generation ago. Far too many of America's students are not meaningfully engaged or motivated in their academic experience while in high school. Clovis Online School isn’t your traditional high school experience. It is a tailored program designed to engage each student not just in the completion of high school, but in the pursuit of the next step; be it college or career.
Clovis Online School is different. Our independent learning environment fosters self –sufficient, independent learners that work on their own from home or wherever they choose to be. These students are exposed to every faucet of High school in a personalized manner that develops them into life-long learners that are ready for college or for a future career.
Many high school graduates lack exposure to learning that links their work in school to college and careers—especially in the critically important fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Clovis Online provides many opportunities that other schools lack in these areas. We have offer several courses in the science, mathematics, and technology. We also are helping students prepare for their futures be providing classes in the medical field such as pharmacy technician, nursing assistant, and medical terminology.