picture of graduation caps being thrown into the air

Clovis Online School is centered not just about graduation from high school but is also a college preparatory experience. Clovis Online offers a full complement of courses that are California State University and University of California approved.  In addition to the CSU/UC approvals we are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  This NCAA approval allows our students the academic eligibility to play sports at the college level. 

Students who are already independent learners thrive on the opportunity to move at their own pace. Other students gain valuable experience in taking responsibility and creating their own goals.

The Clovis Online School experience allows students to develop valuable skills in time management. Because students play a greater role in their own academic success than they would in most traditional schools, our students learn to manage multiple assignments, help create their own schedule of lessons and study plans, and ensure that teachers are aware of any questions or challenges that may arise. As a result, our students are uniquely prepared to succeed in their post-secondary education and career experiences.