Student Role

Student Working at desk

The role of the student at Clovis Online School is much like a traditional student role.  Understanding the plan and purpose of courses assigned and how to be successful in those courses is the key to the student's role.  Becoming a successful independent learner in an online educational setting requires a few unique strategies and the ability to stay with a daily school work schedule.

The first student role is to be a good communicator.  Discussing with your parents and academic counselor an individual educational plan that meets your needs is essential to your success and will take place at the orientation.  Ask questions often and seek help with your teacher and those helping in study labs.  Communicating with your assigned teacher once enrolled will be an on-going and essential part of the educational journey. 

Another role is to use the online learning platform effectively.  Setting a daily schedule, logging in to the online system and working on assigned courses needs to be a part of a student's learning habit.  Keeping pace with established target dates will help guide students to maintain coursework completion.  Researching the course content, reviewing work to submit, and getting help when needed are keys to effective learning in an online, independent study setting.