Students Services

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Clovis Online School provides personal and individual support for each family throughout your online educational journey.  Starting with the enrollment process, our team of support staff, teaching staff, and administrative staff will get you started in the right direction and give you the help needed to be a successful online, independent study learner.

Our Frequently Asked Questions give you a good starting point to assist you in deciding if Clovis Online School is the right fit.  Upon completion of the enrollment process, our support staff will guide you through your individualized education plan, set up the online educational platform for student and parent login, and introduce you to your assigned teacher. The support continues beyond the initial orientation with weekly, and sometimes daily, communications with student and parents. Communication is a key component in the online educational journey and is made through face-to-face meetings, virtual conferences, phone calls, and email.

Students and families will be kept informed during the school year through the normal communication process and through other forms of communication such as this website, school-to-home recorded messages, announcements in the online management system, and from the support staff team as needed to help each student and family have a successful experience at Clovis Online School.