Teacher Role

teacher working with students on computer

At Clovis Online School, students have access to a master teacher who acts as their guide, mentor, and coach through their personalized course of study. Our teachers are fully-qualified, experienced professionals who are experts in online instruction and incorporate understanding of different learning styles into the relationships they develop with students.

In the middle school years, our teachers work as partners with parents to deliver an educational experience that takes each student’s learning style into consideration. Teachers are available each school day to help guide each student through their course of study and ensure students master the material through ongoing assessments. Teachers hold regular meetings with each student, which foster collaboration and allow students face to face access to a highly qualified instructor.

As students progress into high school, they enjoy the support of specialized teachers in the sciences and Advanced Placement courses.  The role of teachers is more involved, as they help students continue an education plan designed to ensure students graduate and leave Clovis Online with options for college entrance and career pathways.  Each student’s teacher frequently communicates with the student to promote success.