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Considering a transfer from your local Clovis Unified school?

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have. You may also be interested in our general FAQs.

Q. If we enroll at Clovis Online School for the 2023-2024 school year, can we come back to our comprehensive site if things don’t work out?
A. Clovis Online School is a dependent charter school.  If you decide that you want to return to the district and a comprehensive site, you can present your elementary or intermediate school child for enrollment at your resident school. Because you have left your seat at your current comprehensive school site by enrolling at Clovis Online School, your student will be subject to space availability.  If space is available at your local school, your child would be enrolled. If the school or grade level is at its enrollment capacity, then your student may be overflowed to a different school until space becomes available.  High school students will need to meet with Student Services and School Attendance prior to enrollment in order to determine if they are eligible to attend a comprehensive school.  For high school students, school eligibility is based on credits and grades earned at Clovis Online School and the ability to transfer those grades to a comprehensive site.

Q. If I am on a transfer (inter-district, intra-district, or open enrollment) and I enroll in Clovis Online School, what will that do to my transfer?  
A. Prior transfers, used to enroll at your current school, are no longer in effect when you enroll at Clovis Online Charter School. If you opt to try to return to a comprehensive Clovis Unified school at a later date, you will need a new transfer to do so. Keep in mind that transfer students must be in good standing (grades, attendance, and behavioral choices), have a valid reason for the transfer, and there must be space at the requested school for transfers to receive approval.

Q. If we enroll at Clovis Online School for the 2023-2024 school year, can we continue to play sports at our comprehensive site?  
A. No. Site-based co-curricular programs like athletics, visual and performing arts offerings are only available to the site’s enrolled student body. If choosing online instruction, students are able to participate in co-curricular opportunities that may be offered through the Clovis Online School.

Q. Are programs like GATE, Destination Imagination, etc. available for elementary students in Clovis Online School?
A. To ensure the full complement of these programs, it is best that the student remain on their comprehensive sites.  Additional programs like GATE, Destination Imagination, co-curricular activities, etc. are extremely limited and are likely not offered due to the virtual nature of the dependent Charter School.

Q. What type of curriculum is Clovis Online School using?  
A. Clovis Online School will use the standards-based curriculum called Edgenuity in grades 6-12 and Benchmark, iReady, Stride, etc. in grades K-5. Direct, teacher-led instruction via zoom and various supplemental materials are offered to support student learning.  This model is different than that used in CUSD Connect during the current school year.

Q. Is Clovis Online School like the CUSD Connect program that was offered at the comprehensive sites during the 2020-21 school year?
A. No. These programs are not the same.  Clovis Online School and Clovis Unified comprehensive school sites are not offering CUSD Connect for the 2023-24 school year.

Q. What happens if we want to enroll our student back to in-person learning at a comprehensive school site from Clovis Online School or another Independent Study program?  
A. If a family wants to re-enroll in a comprehensive school site mid-year, it would require that they apply to enroll as a new student.   As such, enrollment will be based on space availability at the school.

Q. Does Clovis Online School offer a daily face-to-face, on-site learning environment?  
A. No, Clovis Online School is a virtual, non-classroom-based charter school.  There are requirements per AB130 for the student to attend on a daily or weekly basis via internet or telephone, and there is a face-to-face requirement with their teacher on the campus but daily instruction is conducted virtually online.

Q: If my senior enrolls in Clovis Online, what is the latest date he/she can transfer back to their high school so they can graduate with their class?
A:  All high school students must have appropriate grades and credits to be considered for a return to a comprehensive site.  This means that a high school student must have progressed enough in his/her current classes to be able to transfer to the same class at a different school and align with the class in its current progress.  It is highly recommended that the latest any high school student should seek to transfer from Clovis Online School to attend a comprehensive site is during the semester break.  Any later time in the school year could create difficulties in maintaining academic progress and student grades.  Students are able to transfer no later than April 22,2024, but will have to complete projects and final exams given at their comprehensive site. If this option is chosen, it is at the possible cost of the student’s grades and grade point average.

Q. What does Clovis Online School look like?  
A. Clovis Online School is a non-classroom-based independent study charter school.  Clovis Online School is a K-12 school that requires students to be independent learners.  Students must be able to work on their own and be able to meet via zoom or in person as required by AB130, the master agreement, and the teacher.  Students are assigned courses based on their individual intake with their counselor.  At that time, the student and parent go over with the counselor the academic record of the student and go over the expectations for the school.  The counselor assigns the student with a teacher and courses.  The courses will mirror those at the comprehensive site if they are available.  

Q. Is there a maximum number of students that can be enrolled at Clovis Online School?
A. The number of students at Clovis Online School will be based on enrollment requests per grade level, facilities, and staffing.  There will be capacity limitations based on these criteria.  Priority for new enrollments have been given to families that requested enrollment during the survey period that was due by May 5, 2024.
Q. Are Clovis Online elementary students required to be online at a certain time each day or is the program completely flexible?  
A. Elementary students are required to be online on a daily basis, at a specific time, that is assigned by their teacher.  Students receive direct instruction from a credentialed teacher during scheduled times, which is determined by your child’s teacher.

Q. Are Clovis Online classes a single grade level, or a group of grade levels combined?
A. Students receive instruction by grade level, though a single Clovis Online School teacher may instruct multiple grade levels.

Q. If a student takes Clovis Online School their senior year, do they still graduate with a diploma from their home school?
A. No.  Each year, students graduate from Clovis Online School. Clovis Online School holds graduation for their students to honor this accomplishment.
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